Sampo Lock 1.0 APK

Sampo Lock 1.0 APK
Sampo Lock v1.0 APK
Requirements: Android 1.6
Overview: Rubik's Cube of the Millennium is here!

Rubik's Cube of the Millennium is here!
Boost your brain with this challenging puzzle game and be the first to reveal the secrets of Sampo. Sampo is a magical artifact from Kaleva with great power in it. Rumors claim that the Sampo can give you even immortality. Forget by smith Ilmarinen and sealed with over 60 handcrafted locks the Sampo is well protected. Can you unlock all the locks?
Now is your change! Rearrange the movable parts in the lock and guide the beam of light to the amulets. Remember that every lock consist of multiple parts with different properties. Some parts can be moved, but some are welded in their place. Parts can either reflect, split, block or even teleport the beam of light. The lock will unlock when the parts have been rearranged so that all the amulets are active at the same time.

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Easy Unlock Keylock 0.8 APK

Easy Unlock Keylock 0.8 APK
Easy Unlock Keylock v0.8 APK
Requirements: Android 2.2+
**** The fastest solution to unlock your phone!
**** Faster disable keylock
**** The fastest solution to unlock your phone!

You only have to press the unlock button to reach the phone, no extra swipes needed.
Why do we have to double unlock the phone? Easy Unlock solves the problem. Only one touch to unlock your mobile / handy.
Easy Unlock is a great tool if you're too busy to extra swipe on the phone.
The widget helps you to fast switch on/off.
Add the widget from the widgets menu.
Proximity sensor is switchable so in your pocket it will not activate the mobile. For accidental unlocking the proximity sensor secures the phone.

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ICS Messaging Pro 1 APK

ICS Messaging Pro 1 APK
ICS Messaging Pro v1 APK
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Messaging application ported from ICS with all the theme styles available from ICS.

Messaging application ported from ICS with all the theme styles available from ICS.
Ad Free
All standard features available.
Additional features to be added soon.

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EZ Clock Wallpaper Pro 1.12 APK

EZ Clock Wallpaper Pro 1.12 APK
EZ Clock Wallpaper Pro v1.12 APK
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Need a fresh new look for your Android device? Download EZ Clock Wallpaper Pro to give your phone that personal touch.

The EZ Clock Wallpaper Pro live wallpaper displays the time, date and battery life of your device, along with your location and weather information. It displays this in a stylish yet simple layout, allowing you to make it personal by adding your own background image and changing other settings to suit your style.

The features available in EZ Clock Wallpaper Pro are:
- Time, date and battery level display
- Toggle AM/PM display
- Change position of text
- Changeable fonts
- Changeable text colours
- Changeable text opacity
- Toggle text outlines (colour and width)
- Switch between 12-hour and 24-hour display
- Background image
- Solid background colour
- Allow background swipe animation
- Ability to use GPS to get location (more accurate), or just use the network.

How to Install:
1. After downloading and installing via Android Market, enter the menu on your home screen or touch and hold on your home screen.
2. Navigate to Wallpapers » Live wallpapers » EZ Clock Wallpaper Pro.
3. Tap the Settings button to customize the wallpaper to suit your style.
* This is a Live Wallpaper, and will therefore require a minimum of Android 2.1 to run.

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Call&Note Recorder Mailer PRO 4.4.3 APK

Call&Note Recorder Mailer PRO 4.4.3 APK
Call&Note Recorder Mailer PRO v4.4.3 APK
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: Call&Note Recorder Mailer

Useful application that allows to automatically or manually record all your telephone calls, incoming and outgoing, in various audio formats (3GP - MP4 - Wave), do not require loudspeaker during conversation to get clear voice from the other side.

The recordings can be stored locally, on your sdcard or send by E-mail automatically without your action !!!
The PRO version also have very strong features for high level use, like the real time streaming of the call or voice notes to a public web server, where your friends can listen the call or note just opening the link you will share with them.

The PRO version will allow you to convert the audio's files in MP3 for using it on any PC or device.
Essential application that can perform well logging, both side(not all App do it, most part just rec your voice) with the ability to start recording a conversation already in progress and pause it at any time.

We want to improve our quality and services, all the people that will suggest new features.
Application Support, questions and features request:

Our App:
- Do not need root.
- Record telephone calls both incoming and outgoing
- Capture the recordings in the background
- Sends the recordings using any SMTP server
- Save files locally with the option to delete when posted
- Intuitive interface and easy to use
- Save recordings in 3gp, Mp4 and Wave
- Save recordings in MP3 (only PRO version)
- Stream the recording during the call or the voice note (only PRO version)
- Filter for calls based on logs, contacts or manual insert (only PRO version)

The application has a widget with 2 functions: management of calls (which has the ability to start / stop recording the call) and the management memos (which allows you to send voice notes, record with your application notes, for an email address)

What's in this version:
-Added auto start option in PREFERENCES > CALL RECORDER
-Optimized management of service calls: The service call is more stable due to its registration as a system service
-Management of the audio source to use:Several models have problems in the management of the Android phone's audio source, and 'can now change the audio source menu PREFERENCES> GENERAL> AUDIO SOURCE (be careful to change the source only if you have problems with the standard)

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Police Scanner 1.3 APK

Police Scanner 1.3  APK
Police Scanner v1.3 APK
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Listen to live police scanner action!

Listen to live police scanner action!
Police Scanner brings you more than 2,500 police, fire, rescue and other radio feeds over 3G or WiFi. You can search for channels in the U.S. and other countries by country, state or province and county. Find channels close to your location based on GPS or 3G/WiFi triangulation. You can save your favorites, listen in the background, and get instant access to new feeds as they come online.
Use Police Scanner to monitor exciting police, fire, and rescue frequencies, stay abreast of these activities in your area, and be prepared for disasters or other emergency situations.
◆ It's like Jersey Shore, but not really. ◆
Whether you like reality shows or hate them, you'll love listening in on real police, fire and rescue communications. Police Scanner Radio brings you more than 2,000 channels including public safety, air traffic, marine and amateur short-wave frequencies, all easily searchable.
◆ Find sources close to you. ◆
When you could hear your neighbors yelling over your own TV, you knew what they were up to. It's when they suddenly got quiet that you had to wonder. No more! With Police Scanner Radio, you'll know as soon as the authorities do!
◆ Never boring! ◆
Learn new words, and new ways of combining familiar words. We were going to list this in the Education category, but everyone laughed. So here it is in News. Seriously, though, check out the features:
Critical Hit Software LLC makes no claim of any kind about the availability of any specific communications channel, frequency or data feed. Feeds are added and removed from time to time outside the control of Critical Hit Software LLC. Please see for a sample list of feeds.
✔ More than 2,500 radio feeds delivered to you over 3G or WiFi
✔ Simple, intuitive screens
✔ Search U.S. and international channels by country, state and county
✔ Find channels close to your location based on GPS or 3G triangulation
✔ Save your favorite channels
✔ Listen in the background as you use other apps
✔ "10 Codes" and CB Lingo
✔ Get instant access as new feeds come online

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All That Recorder 1.6 APK

All That Recorder 1.6 APK
All That Recorder v1.6 APK
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: All That Recorder is high quality voice recorder.
Real time mp3 and ogg recording.
Support file format : 3GP, WAV, OGG, MP3

* unlimited real time recording
* recording in background
* auto stop timer
* pause and resume support (except 3gp)
* volume, SD card, CPU monitoring
* support playback range
* wav file converter
* send via email
* one touch 1x1 and 2x1 widget

What's in this version: v1.5
Screen rotation bug fix
Add file restore feature

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Battery HD Pro 1.0.7 APK

Battery HD Pro 1.0.7
Battery HD Pro v1.0.7 APK
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: nstantly know for how long you can use each app.
This is the perfect battery monitor for your phone or tablet. It is simple, beautiful and can be calibrated specially for your device.

Instantly know how many hours you have left for:
- Listening to music
- Watching video
- Talking on the phone
- Internet Browsing ( WiFi / Edge / 3G / 4G )
- Standby
- Time left to recharge
- Time to use LED Flashlight
- 2D and 3D Games
- Reading books
- GPS navigation
- Video chat
- Taking photos
- Recording videos

What's in this version:
Better quality for the widget (sharper text and images)
Voice alerts now works even in languages where Text-to-Speech isn't supported by the system
Added Bulgarian, Slovak and Serbian translation
More widget options
More notification bar settings

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Audio Evolution Mobile 1.1.6 APK

Audio Evolution Mobile 1.1.6 APK
Audio Evolution Mobile v1.1.6 APK
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Multi-track audio sequencer with non-linear editing, real-time fx and much more!

Multi-track audio sequencer with non-linear editing, real-time fx and much more!

The most versatile multi-track audio recorder on Android packed with features like non-linear non-destructive editing with unlimited undo/redo, mixing, real-time effects and much more!

• Multitrack audio playback
• Audio recording (while playing back other tracks)
• Latency correction
• Import of WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg/Vorbis audio files
• Import of mp3 (requires an optional download due to patents on mp3 if applicable to your country)
• Mastering to stereo WAV, AIFF or FLAC file
• Metronome
• Fade in/out samples
• Normalize samples
• Each track has controls for volume, panning, mute, solo, arm, 4-band EQ, 3 insert effects and output bus selection
• Unlimited number of tracks (*)
• Unlimited number of groups (*)
• Real-time effects include: chorus, delay, dual delay, reverse delay, reverb, bandpass, highpass, lowpass, flanger, noisegate and tremolo (*)
• Non-linear non-destructive editing with move, trim, split, cut/copy/paste, remove, range editing
• Unlimited undo/redo for editing facilities
• Several grid options for aligning your samples (with tempo and time signature settings)
• Repeat samples with several options to create loops
• Add markers and quickly jump to them
• Load/Save projects including loading projects from our desktop DAW Audio Evolution 5
• Can use ES File Explorer to select samples for import

(*) Depending on your hardware's capabilities

• 800x480 screen minimum (in landscape)
• Android 2.2 or higher

If you have any suggestions, questions or want to report a bug, please contact us!

Note that there is a DEMO version for you to try! Search for Audio Evolution Mobile here on Google Play. We only want happy customers, so please try before you buy and tell us about missing features or bugs you find!

Planned features:
• Cross-fades
• Automation
• MIDI sequencing
• Upload to SoundCloud
• ...your ideas are welcome!

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Dolphin Browser HD 8.1 APK

Dolphin Browser HD 8.1 APK
Dolphin Browser HD v8.1 APK
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Powerful, Fast & Elegant web browser for Android 2.0+.Browsing made wonderful.

Dolphin Browser HD is the FASTEST, EASIEST and most FUN mobile Web browser
Dolphin Browser is the world's first Gesture, Sonar and Add-on enabled mobile web browser on Android.
★ #1 Mobile Web Browser on Android Market
★ Over 10,000,000 total downloads
★ #2 on CNET’s 100 Android Apps for 2011
★ #1 PC Mag’s "The 40 Best Free Apps for 2011"
★★★★★ Dolphin Browser's Gestures and sidebars make Web surfing fast, intuitive and fun while on the go. - USA Today
★★★★★ “…it’s a great, simple browser that feels more at home on a touchscreen device than pretty much anything else you’ll try. - Lifehacker
★ Sonar – Dolphin listens and lets you use your voice to search on the Internet, share on your favorite social networks, bookmark your favorite website, navigate and more.
★ Gesture - Let your inner artist out and create a personal Gesture (symbol) to access the mobile and desktop websites you use the most.
★ Add-on – Beef up your mobile Web/Internet browsing experience by installing the Add-ons for the tasks you need at your fingertips. With more than 60 and counting, Dolphin Add-ons enables any action to be done right within the browser. You can check out the Add-on features with 3 preloaded on your right Sidebar.
★ Webzine - Fast Web page loading, with no ads. Dolphin Webzine simplifies the way you read your favorite mobile content, from news to blogs and websites. Webzine is now available as an Add-on on the Android Market.
★ Speed Dial - Visit you favorite mobile and desktop websites on the go with one touch.
★ Tabbed browsing - No need to toggle between screens, tabbed browsing lets you open and switch between Web pages fast as lightning.
★ Sidebars - Make the best of mobile interface via Dolphin Sidebar.

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The Impossible Game Level Pack 1.2.0 APK

The Impossible Game Level Pack 1.2.0 APK
The Impossible Game Level Pack v1.2.0 APK
Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: Two awesome new levels for the The Impossible Game.

This Level Pack contains two brand new levels for The Impossible Game, Chaoz Fantasy and Heaven - each with a unique soundtrack! New features include inverse gravity, falling blocks and changing backgrounds.
Make sure you've played 'The Impossible Game' before downloading this.

What's in this version:
Download this update for a FREE new level - Phazd!

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Tractor: Farm Driver v1.5 APK

Tractor: Farm Driver v1.5 APK
Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Welcome to the Farm, driver !

Have you ever dreamt about to drive a tractor in a farm? Maybe in your childhood, or even a bit later, in yout older ages? Some of ours feel the same !
The wait is over, now you have the chance to live your dreams and try to be the best Farm Driver in this FREE, brand new 3D game!!
You need a powerful, and 3D gaming ready device to play "Tractor: Farm driver".
We recommend a 1GHz, or faster CPU (dual core is a preferred), and at least a 800*540 pixel resolution to play the game.

There are a 2 game modes:
Free to play, without limitations.Drive your tractors with any cargos you want. It's the best place to learn and feel how to drive your tractors.
Your task is to delivery different cargos in time to important stages like the piggery, the cowshed, the sawmill and the dairy.
This is a timed mode, the better time is always the winner.
Drive around the farm with different cargos, on 15 levels (more coming soon) and 5 different tractors.
Recommonded devices :
Samsung Galaxy S2,
Sony Xperia Play,
Sony Xperia Arc,
HTC Sensation
HTC Incredible 2
Samsung Galaxy S Player (wifi 5.0)
We can't answer for comments in Google Play store.
If you have any comments or questions, feel free to send us an email :, guaranteed answer in 24 hours.
Have fun on the farm !

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Link 3.2.8 APK

Link 3.2.8 APK
Link v3.2.8 APK
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Build bridges using wood and steel girders, stone blocks and rope cables!

"Link" is a modern take on the classic 80's game. Build bridges using wood and steel girders, and in more advanced levels with stone blocks and rope cables.

As a 19th-century industrialist, you're building trains across the great West. The expansion of America depends on the delivery of coal, lumber, crates, animals, and of course passengers across a variety of valleys, ditches, waterways, and canyons.

Link uses some of the principles of civil engineering to create stable structures. Creating bridges using randomly-connected girders, cables, and stone will probably result in a lot of casualties. Instead, you'll need to think like a designer. Will a rectangular or triangular girder structure provide less strain on the girder joints? Does it make more sense to attach cables near the beginning and end, or near the middle? If there is no place to attach cables, what type of structure can you build on which to attach cables?

You should also consider the physical properties of wood vs. steel. Steel is heavier and sturdier, while wood is lighter but probably not able to handle as much stress. Concrete is the heaviest and sturdiest of all construction elements, but you have a limited number of blocks to use and a limited number of places to put them. Cables provide some additional support from above, but they are also limited, and in some cases you will need to build a support structure for them.

With 40 levels and counting, Link will provide you with days of enjoyment and frustration. But in each level, you have a limited number of construction elements and structural anchors. On levels with concrete blocks, the tops of blocks also provide additional anchor points. Use these blocks carefully, though! An improperly placed anchor can make all the difference between success and failure.

Several user controls are available, including zoom in/zoom out, grid overlay toggle, show/hide bottom controls, reset the entire level, undo, and delete (the "X" icon). This should be fairly obvious based on the icon. At the far right, bottom corner is an up/down arrow to toggle the bottom control bar display.

Many of us have built bridges with toothpicks in school projects, or created a sturdy structure with a limited number of tools and materials. We all know how challenging - and rewarding - this can be. Now you can have that kind of fun in your pocket or purse all the time with Link!

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Space Squadron 1.16.6 APK

Space Squadron v1.16.6 APK
Requirements: Android O/S : 2.0.1+
Overview: Space Squadron is a turn-based strategy game in which you command an elite squadron of fighters. Carefully consider your attack plan, plot your moves, time the firing of your weapons, then end the turn and watch events unfold in real-time. Tacticians succeed where reckless commanders fail.

No Ads Strategic turn-based gameplay.
7 friendly ship classes from turrets to heavy assault ships, and 11 enemy classes, including the dreaded battle cruiser.
Use cannons, rockets and homing missiles. 10 level campaign with increasing difficulty and mission duration. Hours of game play. Several mission types, including convoy assault/escort, base assault/defence and large skirmishes.
'1 life' game model.

Don't let your commander die! If things look bad, eject to safety and retry the mission, or risk the entire campaign by staying in the cockpit and dicing with death.
Earn medals and promotions. Start the campaign from any unlocked mission. What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 2, 2011) Fixed keyboard slide in out crash Updated license message.

Your device needs reception or a network connection for your license to be checked. If your network status is ok, restarting your device will fix all other known issues with license checking. Minor draw fixes

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BugMe! Stickies Pro APK

BugMe! Stickies Pro APK
BugMe! Stickies Pro v1.1.0.2
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Replace those fading yellow sticky notes with BugMe! - with ink notes and alarms

Replace those fading yellow sticky notes with BugMe! - with ink notes and alarms
Its time to bring your yellow sticky postit notes up to date - BugMe! brings all the fun and flexibility of the handy little notes right to your smartphone or tablet. Pin them to a virtual cork board within the app and set alarms and alerts, or use the BugMe! Widget to “Stick” your note on your launcher screen for that extra visual reminder!

Main features:
MAKE QUICK NOTES - write in digital ink with your finger, or type with the inbuilt keyboard
ALARMS & REMINDERS - set alarms and due times on your notes
SAVE NOTES TO LAUNCHER - widget for handy sticky notes on your app launcher!
SEND YOUR NOTES TO FRIENDS - send notes to friends via Facebook, Twitter or email
CUSTOMIZE THE LOOK - choice of note colors and ink styles to help you get organized
USE YOUR PHOTOS - use your photos as note backgrounds or make notes and marks on your photos
MAKE LISTS - use your notes as lists
ORGANIZE - drag and drop your notes to rearrange them on the virtual cork board.
and more!

“There's something to be said for a simple, straightforward note-taking app that borrows from the familiar: sticky notes.” CNet Review
BugMe! has been a leading productivity app for smartphones and organizers since 1997 - we're proud that we've replaced so many yellow stickies!

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Darkness Rider Turbo 1.0.301 APK

Darkness Rider Turbo v1.0.301
Darkness Rider Turbo 1.0.301 APK
Requirements: 1.6+
Overview: Let us burn the evil city.

This is second dark series of Acrobatic Rider, the best moto bike game with burning fire and darkness. You may have played the original game. But this edition include the new features: Super Turbo.

[This is a driving skill game, not a SPEED game.
It is a simulation game of Dirt Bike.]

The Acrobatic Rider plans to conquer the dark city by driving the burning wheels. The Super Turbo gives him amazing power on the ground.

It is no doubt to be to a good chance to show your superior driving skills.

[TAP screen to boost the engine and Use GRAVITY SENSOR to control the balance]

40 amazing maps are waiting for challenges. Please never give up and Good Luck!

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Osmos HD 1.2.11 APK

Osmos HD 1.2.11 APK
Osmos HD v1.2.11 APK
Requirements: Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD
Overview: Absorb, or be absorbed...

The hit iOS game comes to Android! Enter the Darwinian world of a galactic mote. To survive, absorb smaller organisms and grow—but beware of larger predators! Winner of multiple "Game of the Year" awards, Osmos features unique physics-based play, stellar graphics, and a hypnotic soundtrack of ambient electronica. Ready to evolve?

- This single version is optimized for both tablets and phones. Enjoy on all your Android devices. (Requires multitouch and 2.2 or higher. For more info, please visit
- Multitouch awesomeness: pinch to zoom, tap to eject mass, flick to warp time...
- Unique physics-based gameplay: to propel yourself you must eject matter behind you, causing you to shrink. From this fundamental balance, Osmos leads the player through ambient playgrounds, deep solar systems, competitive petri dishes, dense mote-fields, and more.
- Two game modes: Odyssey and Arcade. Odyssey mode is a 27-level guided tour through the Osmos Blobiverse, while Arcade mode allows you to play any level type at your choice of difficulty. (72 levels total.)
- Dynamic time-warping: slow down the flow of time to outmaneuver agile opponents; speed it up to raise the challenge
- Eight Distinct level types: Ambient, Antimatter, Solar, Sentient, Impasse, Warped Chaos, Epicycles, and Repulsor.
- Sublime electronic soundtrack by Loscil, Gas/High Skies, Julien Neto, Biosphere, and more.
- Wind your way through simple and complex solar systems, feeling and using the force of Attractors and Repulsors.
- Confront four distinct personalities of intelligent opponents, with goals and abilities similar to your own.
- Procedural content: play random versions of any level in Arcade mode.
- Thirteen lucky achievements to earn.

What's in this version:
Added support for three-finger gestures on HTC One.

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Zen Bound 2 APK

Zen Bound 2 APK
Zen Bound 2 v2.2.6.7 APK
Requirements: OS: Android 2.2 or later
Overview: Zen Bound 2 is a ground-breaking, meditative puzzler that defies convention.

Wrap your mind around wood and stone. Become Zen.
Zen Bound 2 is a meditative puzzle game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures.
It is a tactile game, with a focus on making rope, wood and stone look and feel real and believable. The dusty and soothing atmosphere is a combination of beautiful visuals and a unique down-tempo soundtrack.
All levels from the original Zen Bound are included, all with visual upgrades, some with new gameplay. New levels include the Tree of Tribute, featuring guest stars from awesome indie games.

Awards won by Zen Bound:
Macworld - iPhone Game of the Year
IGF Mobile 2009 - Best iPhone Game
IGF Mobile 2009 - Audio Achievement
IMGA - Excellence in 3D
Best of IGN 2009 - Award for Visual Excellence
Best of IGN 2009 - Award for Excellence in Sound
Pocket Gamer Awards 2010 - Most Innovative Game

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Airport City 1.30 APK

Airport City 1.30  APK
Airport City v1.30  APK
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: The time has come to try your hand as an air traffic controller!

The time has come to try your hand as an air traffic controller!
Build your very own personal airport and send hundreds of flights into the sky!
Airport City is taking off in two exciting modes: the first offers you the chance to build a modern airport, and the second has you build the city to support it.

While you're managing your airport, flights will be traveling to every corner of the globe. You will meet interesting characters and complete collections of exotic items from around the world.

Game goals:
- Build hangars and runways
- Send planes to the far corners of the globe
- Increase your level to unlock new destinations and buy new types of aircraft
- Import rare items from far-off lands
- Complete collections and exchange them for bonuses
- Organize last-minute daily charters for tourists
- Complete tons of quests for the characters you meet
- Receive exclusive gifts as rewards for passing themed quests
- Build your own unique jet-setter city
- Collect profits from commercial buildings and upgrade the infrastructure of your metropolis

Game Features:
- Beautiful graphics and high-quality sounds accompany every action
- Simple interface and engrossing gameplay
- Convenient tutorial and help features
- Lots of colorful characters, each with their own interesting story to tell
- Dozens of commercial and residential buildings as well as decorations
- No advertisements
- And the best part: it's completely free!

What's in this version:
New event! Your Airport City is chosen to hold the international Rock Fest! Build the grand Music Arena and Festival Campings for bands and their fans to stay, provide artists with best musical intstruments and collect some Biker Jackets. Do all these tasks in time to get a special prize!

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AirAttack HD 1.4 APK

AirAttack HD 1.4 APK
AirAttack HD v1.4 APK
Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Air Attack HD is Award Winning next-generation top down air combat shooter with stunning 3D graphics alongside great audio, effects and awesome gameplay.

* 10 Great Missions
* 64 Different Enemy Types
* 3 Player Planes
* Numerous Upgrades and Special Weapons
* Amazing Lighting and Special Effects
* Orchestral Music
* 3 Difficulty Modes
* Arcade and Survival Mode
* Realtime Physics
* Destructible Bridges and Buildings
* Shmup with Amazing 3D environments enhanced with LightMaps and SpecularMaps
* 10 Huge End Level Bosses
* 4 Control Types: Touch, Relative, Tilt, Joypad
* App2SD support
* NVIDIA Tegra based devices support - THD
* Portrait/Landscape orientation
* Xperia PLAY optimized

What's new in this version:
* 2 new missions with 6 new enemies
* 2 new bosses
* New player plane
* New weapon - Fireball
* Portrait/Landscape orientation switch in Main menu
* Online score
* 50 Achievements
* Survival Mode
* Upside-down orientation support on devices with Android 2.3 or higher
* Lower battery consumption option in Settings => Performance/Battery
* Fixed issues: ICS splash screen, ICS touch, blue HUD, boss fights
* If you have problem starting the game after update, try to restart your device

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Pocket Academy 1.0.1 APK

Pocket Academy 1.0.1 APK
Pocket Academy v1.0.1
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Make your dream school in this management simulation game!

School got you down? Wish you could change a few things?

Well, now's your chance to create the ultimate dream school in this simulation smash-hit!
Tailor your personal academy as you see fit, erecting classrooms, making clubs--even deciding this week's hot couple!

How will you expand your hallowed halls of learning? Sponsor athletic meets, art shows, and other events to attract as many students as you can and elevate your school's prestige!

Will your students make it college or land their dream job? Find out with Pocket Academy!

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A Hero's Story 1.0.3 APK

A Hero's Story v1.0.3 APK
Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Take your first steps in a new adventure! The first Heroes meet up in search of fortune and glory. On their way, they'll have to fight through monsters, bandits and beasts and hunt down and find sturdy weapons and armour. But is their journey as innocent as it seems…
This version previews the first two parts of Chapter 1 in an exciting story. Prepare your characters for the coming challenges!

A call back to Retro visuals, with the merging of modern! Pixel-like characters and enemies, with devastating skill effects all accompanied by an epic soundtrack!
Traditional RPG Elements!
- Buy and find new Weapons and Armour
- Gain experience and Level Up! Become more powerful!
- New Items access new Skills

Innovative Tactical Battle!
- Learn your Hero’s strengths and weaknesses
- Know right time to use the Skills
- Play it safe and move to the back, or go all out on the front line?

Gesture Based Skills!
- Use the touch screen to activate your skills
- Skills become more powerful when the gesture is completed
- Unique Gestures for unique skills

Premium Store and Bonuses!
- Quick Level-Up! Buy Experience Packs to speed up the grind!
- Want a battle hardy Mage? Use the Brew of Might to build strength
- Free bonuses, and a free weekly item!

Get ready and get equipped! Be prepared to move into the Caves and make your way to the Shrine of the Forgotten! Also ready yourself for the unlimited Labyrinth, with great Treasures and powerful Skills to be found. All coming soon

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Anticlon 1.0c APK

Anticlon 1.0c APK
Anticlon v1.0c APK
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Clone the squares to fill the blanks in over 200 puzzles! Anticlon is an easy to play yet challenging puzzle game. Find a path and clone yourself to fill up a grid to resolve the puzzles.
With more than 200 puzzles and 4 types of obstacles, Anticlon offers you hours of engaging gameplay, ideal for the restless mind.
- Easy to pick up and intuitive game mechanics
- More than 200 puzzles to resolve
- Epic boss battles
- Simple and straightforward UI
- No loading screens, no unnecessary nor intrusive text, you will be playing within seconds of installing the game.

 Download Link

Mobile Andrio 2.8.4 APK

Mobile Andrio (Full) v2.8.4 APK
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: A jump & run game in the style of Super Mario, Giana Sisters and similar games.
A jump-and-run game in the style of Super Mario, Giana Sisters and similar games. It has 16 levels of increasing difficulty.

Highscores get uploaded to the social gaming network Scoreloop, and you can compare your highscore with those of players all around the world. Furthermore you can start challenge games against other players to determine the better player in a 1:1 situation.
The game can be controlled using keyboard (preferred), touchscreen, orientation sensor or trackball. Use 'Edit Settings' to customize.
Full version, free of ads. Permissions required for Scoreloop features.
For more information, please check the app's website.

What's in this version:
small improvements for the placement of the on-screen controls on devices with distinct multi-touch
bug fixes

 Download Link

Sense Analog Clock Widget Dark 3.3.2 APK

Sense Analog Clock Widget Dark 3.3.2 APK
Sense Analog Clock Widget Dark v3.3.2 APK (Ad-Free)
Requirements: Android 1.6
Overview: Android Digital clock widget with Calendar, Time, System info,weather & forecast
Sense cross Analog Dark style clock,size 4x2

It features:
★ 170 skins to choose from
★ 12 or 24 hour mode
★ Portrait or Landscape mode
★ Color choice for all information displayed on the widget
★ System Information on the widget front or as a pop-up window
★ Shows battery level on the widget
★ Shows Moon phase on the widget thats is calculated automatically each day.
★ Current Weather conditions which include:
+Current temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
+Feels like Temperature
+Wind speed in Km or miles per hour
★ 2 Weather layouts on clock widget(user selected from configuration screen)
★ 2 Forecast layouts(user selected from configuration screen)
★ 4 Day weather forecast that includes for each day:
+High and Low temperature
+Precipitation percentage
+Weather description
★ Sunrise/Sunset times in either Forecast screens
★ 37 unique weather condition icons
★ Widget hotspots for interaction
+tap bottom right widget corner->return to configuration screen
+tap bottom left widget corner->popup system information window
+tap weather icon->launch forecast screen
+tap Hours tab->launch anything!(user selected from configuration screen)
+tap Minutes tab->launch anything!(user selected from configuration screen)

 Download Link

Gallery ICS 0.2a APK

Gallery ICS 0.2a APK
Gallery ICS v0.2a APK
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Gallery ICS is a version of the official Gallery app included on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

Our goal is to allow any Android phone or tablet can enjoy this great gallery! We are working on improving the compatibility.
If you want to help us to continue working on this project you can purchase "Camera ICS+" app.
Please contact us at if you have any problem. We are delighted to receive any feedback.

 Download Link

Phoenix Launcher APK

Phoenix Launcher v0.9.7.15
Phoenix Launcher v0.9.7.15 APK
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: Get some ice cream sandwich on your Gingerbread enabled device
Phoenix Launcher is your choice in home screen replacements
if you want some look and feel of the new Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
running your device under the Gingerbread firmware or even Android 4.

If you have downloaded this application, open a root file explorer or the ADB shell
and move the app to /system/app BEFORE you start the launcher the first time! Otherwise
you cant use widgets shown in the Application drawer. Its required because of a general
permission in the Android operating system, this can never be fixed by me!
Make sure, your system partition is mounted in read/write mode when moving the app!
If you want to use the launcher on a non rooted device, you only can add widgets to
a workspace through the standard Android widget picker dialog. You cant add widgets
through the tab "WIDGETS" in the app drawer.
If you get Force Close errors the first time you start the launcher, try to set the
permission for /data/dalvik-cache to 777, this fixes the first time start error.
What's coming up in the next releases?
- support for X-HDPI and tablet devices
- support for landscape mode
- workspace and app drawer transitions
- theming through installed applications instead static themes
Have fun!

What's in this version:
added application tab menu to app drawer (long click menu tab)
Menu functions:
list all apps
list downloaded apps
list recently used apps
list running processes

 Download Link

PewPew 2 1.8.3 APK

PewPew 2 1.8.3 APK
PewPew 2 v1.8.3 APK
Requirements: Android OS 2.1+
Overview: PewPew 2? A shooter with perfect gameplay, sweet retro graphics, and high fps!
You've been waiting for this, the sequel of PewPew is there!

In 11 words, PewPew 2 is the best multidirectional shoot them up on Android.
Expect retro graphics, megatons of enemies, and a frame rate achieved by no other game (except PewPew).

There are seven game modes, a campaign with 3 levels of difficulties so even the weakes... *AHEM*
So even the strongest of you will have some challenge!

And then there are the new un-lockable ships and the new music (downloadable for free at
Speaking of music, the arenas now react to the music! When will this madness stop you ask?
Even more content is on the way!

And now, a boring list of the features:
-private information sharing with several companies, because we *care* about you.
-targeted advertising, so that you aren't disturbed by useless ads.
-a deep story with drama, romance, and mystery.
-crops to grow and birds to throw, to keep in touch with nature

Wait. That was a list of what's not included, here we go:
-7 games modes (2 of which must be unlocked)
-5 unlockable ships with offensive defense (bullets shot in every direction when hit).
-1 campaign, with 3 level of difficulties and boss fights
-online scores, with replays
-awesome music

A few notes:
-Kill as many background app you can, this can considerably increase the smoothness.
-Seriously, kill them all.
-On some devices (such as my Nexus One) the touch screen has trouble handling touches on the same horizontal or vertical axis. That is why by default the joysticks are in diagonal. You can try moving the joysticks to the bottom using the settings menu, but it might result in poor controls.

What's new ?
- New ships to unlock AND a new campaign!
- The position and size of the joysticks can be manually set.
- Changed the icon to follow the ICS guidelines.
- Rotated the screen so that PewPew 2 is displayed correctly on external displays.
- Enabled linear filtering of textures (useful for high resolution screen/tablets).
- Increased the quality of some models.
- Improved the "Settings" and "About" menus.
- Optimized the score server so that it delivers the scores more quickly (and I pay less every month ;-).

 Download Link

Slam Dunk Basketball 2.0.5 APK

Slam Dunk Basketball 2.0.5 APK
Slam Dunk Basketball v2.0.5 APK (Paid / Amazon)
Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: SLAM DUNK BASKETBALL, when real basketball just isn’t cool enough! Don’t wait, play the MOST ANTICIPATED basketball game to ever hit the Android Market today!

Slam Dunk Basketball is a fast paced arcade basketball game with a unique goal system designed to reward the player when scoring cool looking goals. Combine these goals to fill your fever meter and unleash awesome powerups to increase your score.

Score as many points as possible in 90 seconds, increase time by scoring clean shots and combine goals to get cool powerups. Earn credits, unlock levels, upgrade powerups, purchase new balls, complete challenging goals, increase your fame and use Openfeint to soar to the top of the leaderboards!

Running on both tablets and smartphones!

- Awesome POWERUPS to increase your score
- 11 awesome and varied LEVELS with different difficulty
- Over 40 UNLOCKABLE ball skins
- Fun and CHALLENGING GOALS to complete on each level
- Complete goals to LEVEL UP and reach the Hall of Fame
- Over 60 ACHIEVEMENTS to complete
- SIMPLE CONTROLS, aim where you want to shot. Simple as that!
- Unlock levels, balls and powerups in the SHOP
- Visualized How To Play, learn how to score all goaltypes
- Locker Room where you can check your stats, upgrades and achievements
- High resolution graphics, perfect for phones and tablets!

What do you want to see in the next update? Let us know! Visit our website , check out our other games, join our twitter or Facebook and keep your eyes open for more addicting games!

What's new in version:
- Removed the following Android permissions: android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION,

 Download Link

Doomsday Attack HD 1.0.1 APK

Doomsday Attack HD 1.0.1 APK
Doomsday Attack HD v1.0.1
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: This is a Sci-Fi flight shooting game.
In 2025, civil war broke out in the solar system. Aliens organizeda powerful star fleet to launch a terrorist attack to the Earth. They attempt to use their force to rule the Earth and the solar system. People on the Earth fight back, using three types of plane-fighter jets, which are newly developed and equipped with modern weapons, to start fighting back.

a sci-fi combat game
3 types of alternative aircraft fight in space.
a creative points with distinctive features.
a variety choices for difficulty.

Innovative ideas and Advantages:
smooth screen performance
Refreshing battle and magnificent barrage.
a personalized operation of full-screen touch.
beautiful pictures, real-timely sound, create true feelings there for players.

 Download Link

Riptide GP 1.3.1 APK

Riptide GP 1.3.1 APK
Riptide GP v1.3.1
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: The premier console-quality water racing game for mobile.
NEW: Touch-screen control options added!

Riptide GP is the first ever console-quality water racing game for mobile, featuring super-realistic water physics, real-time reflections (dual core only), and gorgeous high-detail vehicles and environments.

Rev up your supercharged jet ski and take a wild ride through twisting canals and rivers, futuristic cityscapes, and mysterious research facilities. Skill, stunts, and speed will be your best allies as you grab massive air off huge waves, kick out death-defying tricks, and boost your jet ski to victory across a dynamic, ever-changing torrent of foam and spray.

The quad-core power of NVIDIA's Tegra 3 superchip has enabled us to add even more detail and excitement to the Riptide GP experience. Tegra 3 players get extra-high-detailed normal-mapped waves, realistic water splashes on the camera, and a dramatic motion blur effect when boosting. Riptide GP looks even better thanks to the power of Tegra 3!

Please note that Riptide GP is a processor intensive game, and requires a high-end smartphone or tablet for optimal performance.
If you do encounter a problem running the game on your device, please email the device you're using, Android OS version, and a detailed description to, instead of just leaving it in comments. We actually respond to our support emails, and if we can't fix your problem we'll give you a refund.

• Explore 12 futuristic water raceways
• Grab massive air and perform dramatic stunts to earn boost
• Unlock and master 6 screaming fast jet skis
• 3 game modes: Race, Hot Lap, and Championship
• Bluetooth and USB gamepad support
• Earn Achievements, post to Leaderboards, and race against your Friends' best split times with integrated OpenFeint™ support
• Easy and fun to pick up and play – delightfully challenging to master
• Created by Vector Unit, developers of the Xbox 360 hit Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

What's in this version:
-Hide ICS menu icon
-Higher resolution textures on some multi-core devices (e.g. Galaxy S2)
-Improved controls on single-core devices

 Download Link

Dragon Go! 1.1.1 APK

Dragon Go! v1.1.1
Requirements: Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: Wouldn’t life be simpler if there were one app that you could simply tell it what you want – and it delivered it within seconds? Say ‘hello’ to Dragon Go!

With Dragon Go! you can do more in less time like buy movie tickets as you walk into the theater, go shopping at local boutiques while you wait for your nails to dry, settle a bet at the breakfast table on the square root of Pi, or plan and invite guests to that night’s happy hour – all with just one ask of Dragon Go!

Dragon Go! is finally the friend that truly ‘gets’ you – after all you know what you want, so why not spend more time enjoying the experience and less time searching for it? And only with Dragon Go! do you get direct access to 200+ of the most recognized destinations on the Mobile Web today spanning mobile entertainment and streaming media, social networking, shopping, and every other online content need imaginable simply by using your voice – such as, YouTube, ESPN, LiveNation, OpenTable, Pandora ® internet radio and hundreds of others!

What’s more, Dragon Go’s dynamic Dragon CarouselTM not only delivers you to the best site featuring what you want, it also delivers complementary results that enable you to slide the carousel from side-to-side to compare information across the most relevant sites for your Dragon Go! ask.

For example:
You say….
“Show times for Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” – Dragon Go! delivers you directly to featuring showtimes for your local theaters. The Dragon CarouselTM also enables you to compare results on IMDB, Twitter, and Rotten Tomatoes to get you all the need-to-know information for that movie!

Or say, ‘What are the planes flying overhead?’ and get up-to-the-minute information from Wolfram|Alpha on all the flights currently crossing over your location.

You can also easily share your find with whoever you want via Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and many more! And that’s not all! In a place where it’s not convenient to speak? You can also type your Dragon Go! request for the same fast, accurate results! To watch Dragon Go! in action visit

Dragon Go! Say it. Get it. Go!

Please note, for optimal performance we recommend and support Dragon Go! for Android OS v 2.1 through 2.3.7 using the native Android Media Player. Support for Android 4.0+ is on it’s way! For the most current list of supported devices, as well as additional information on how to use Dragon Go!, including tips and tricks, please visit:

Recent changes:
New home screen widget , device support for HTC Evo and a couple of bug fixes

 Download Link

LINE Card 1.0.4 APK

 LINE Card 1.0.4 APK
 LINE Card v1.0.4 APK
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: You can send greeting cards to other LINE users
with ease!
You can send greeting cards to other LINE users
with ease!

The Official Greeting Card App for LINE:
The Free Calling and Messaging Service

Send personalized messages of love,
thanks, or congratulations. Simply select
your card from any category and combine
this with a message and image of your choice.
You can send greeting cards to other LINE users
including your friends, family and loved ones
with ease!

When you want to wish your friend a “Happy Birthday”; when you want to say “Thanks!” to that special someone… Express your feelings openly with these greeting cards.

★★★★★Main Features★★★★★
○ Choose from a wide selection of free cards
○ Cards update automatically to suit every occasion
○ Select your own images from your library
○ Optimized filtering adjusts the image quality
automatically to suit the card.
○ Customize your messages
○ Send directly to your LINE app after editing
○ Save your albums

*Please note that some cards will need to be downloaded (all downloads are free). Once the card has been downloaded, tap it to start editing.
*If your version of LINE is lower than 1.5, you will not be able to send your cards directly from the LINE Card app. Please update your LINE app to a version higher than 1.6 before using this app.
*If you select more than 1 friend from your LINE Friends list, your card will be sent to them through a group chat room.

 Download Link

Kik Messenger 5.5.1

Kik Messenger 5.5.1

Kik Messenger v5.5.1
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Kik Messenger is the totally free, crazy-fast cross-platform messenger app that connects you to your friends in real-time

Kik Messenger is the totally free, crazy-fast cross-platform messenger app that connects you to your friends in real-time. Use Kik to chat, share pictures privately, plan outings with groups, and stay connected to the people who matter most to you.

You’re going to fall in love with Kik Messenger. Here’s why:

★ Hands-down the fastest, most life-like chat experience for your smartphone
★ Instant notifications show you when a message is Sent, Delivered, Read
★ Picture Sharing - privately share moments as they happen or from your gallery
★ Group Chat - create groups on the go simply by adding friends to conversations
★ Completely free – no messaging fees and no ads
★ Beautiful look and feel, offline messages, push notifications, and more!

Download Link

100,000 Free Books Wattpad 2.6.2

100,000 Free Books Wattpad v2.6.2
100,000 Free Books Wattpad v2.6.2
Requirements: Android 1.1+
Overview: Wattpad is the world’s largest community of readers and writers.

Unlimited Stories
Wattpad is the world’s largest community of readers and writers.

Every day millions of people visit Wattpad to discover fun new stories. Our social eReading app connects readers and writers across all genres – vote for the best stories, share your comments with other readers or leave a suggestion for your favorite author. Browse our huge library of over 3 million stories ranging from contemporary suspense thrillers and mysteries, to teen fiction, poetry, romance, fantasy narratives, humour and science fiction.

Our app is designed to offer the best mobile eReading experience. Features include auto scroll, night mode and offline reading.

As seen on Macworld, The New York Times, Business Week, Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

Download Link 

Retro Camera Plus 3.8 APK

Retro Camera Plus 3.8 APK
Retro Camera Plus v3.8 APK
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Take delicious old-school pics on your Android.

Instant Nostalgia now free.
The paid, ad-free version of the free Retro Camera app. Take delicious old-school pics your friends will drool over. 5 cameras, 5 sets of vintage vignetting, film scratch, black and white & cross processing effects for that off-the-hip analog look. Inspired by the Lomo, Holga, Polaroid, Diana, the toy cameras & Hipstamatic.

What's in this version:
+ 3.71 fixes a bug for Honeycomb tablets.
+ 3.8 lots of bugfixes, keep original and default camera folder settings.

Download Link

System Tuner Pro 1.7 APK

System Tuner Pro 1.7 APK
System Tuner Pro 1.7 APK
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: The most complete all-in-1 Android system tuner for your phones and tablets!

Monitor and record your phone's logs, app/process activities, CPU, memory (RAM, internal storage, internal & external SD).
By far the lowest consumption monitoring app!

App checked with Privacy Inspector! If you don't want WIFI, BT, PHONE and GPS permissions, please check app 'Limited System Tuner Pro'.

Use logcat to debug or help debug your favorites apps :)
Use terminal emulator for direct linux commands
Highly configurable! Check web-site for app consumption!

The app can:
- Show data (cpu, memory) in the status bar
- Sort processes by cpu time, total cpu time, start time, cpu consumption, memory used or simply by name
- Filter system processes or user-defined excluded list
- Shows cpu load/frequency, memory/internal/sd usage
- Record (optionally at boot) activities in the background
- Allows analyzing previous recordings
- Display log(cat) for all/one process
- Display memory details (RAM & internal)
- Display SD details (internal & external)
- Run command using terminal emulator
- Kill non manually excluded apps automatically

The app can also do the following on rooted phones:
- Tweak SD cache size to boost performance (not all phones supported, please report)
- Tweak Android auto-kill memory settings
- Tweak CPU governor + frequencies

All system apps are excluded by default!
Kernel processes cannot be killed

What's in this version:
New option for time-line graphic in notification
Improve application management performance
Fix boot-completed issues
Fix Int/Ext SD button

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Scalado Album 1.1.3 Apk

Scalado Album 1.1.3 Apk
Scalado Album v1.1.3 Apk
Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: The Scalado Album is designed for making your everyday photo experience great. We want to bring you the best user experience possible but still keep the design simplistic and responsive.

The Scalado Album is designed for making your everyday photo experience great. We want to bring you the best user experience possible but still keep the design simplistic and responsive. It is built from ground up using the Scalado Imaging Platform to enable maximum performance on Android. The album allows you to quickly find the photos you are looking for and you can smoothly zoom into every single detail in full resolution. Experience your photo memories and enjoy.

- Superior gallery performance
- Clean and smooth user experience
- Intuitive browsing and navigation
- Instant pan and zoom into every detail
- Animated video thumbnails
- Works on Android tablets

All - Shows all photos on the device
Places - Groups images into named geographical locations
Nearby - Shows all photos taken nearby the current GPS location
Map View - Mapping of photos accessible from all grid views
Months - Groups images after calendar month captured
Folders – Shows images grouped after existing folders
Camera Roll - Shows all photos taken with the device camera

Download Link

Grand Prix Story 1.0.5 APK

Grand Prix Story 1.0.5 APK
Grand Prix Story v1.0.5 APK
Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: Try your hand at managing an auto racing team!

Become the boss of your own team, training drivers and acquiring sponsors before conquering the Grand Prix!
Develop new vehicles and parts, and customize them any way you like! Do you have what it takes to make it to the winner's circle?
No knowledge of motorsports is required to play!
Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games.
Content rating: Everyone
Latest version: 1.0.5 (for all Android versions)

Download Link


Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Play as a Samurai and defend your village against hordes of attacking zombies!

Play as the heroic Samurai and defend your village against hordes of attacking zombies! Recruit allies and build defenses to stop them!

STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY: set up your defenses against hordes of zombies!
WORK WITH ALLIES: get some help in the store with farmers, warriors, archers and much more!
WIN BIG IN MINI GAMES: play Pachinko to earn rare items!
UPGRADE YOUR SAMURAI: Become more powerful by acquiring better weapons, defenses and magical abilities!

What's in this version:
New Ally: "Assassin." Look for her in presents!
New Friendship Charms added. Look for them in presents or Pachinko!
New "Welcome" and "Dominator" deal packs added.
Increased Coin and Charm rewards for early levels.
Resolved issues with game functionality and updating.
Bug fixes and optimizations.

Download Link

TETRIS 1.0.2585 (Paid) APK

TETRIS 1.0.2585 (Paid)  APK
TETRIS v1.0.2585 (Paid) APK
Requirements: Android 1.6+

Discover why hundreds of millions of players around the world have made the TETRIS game one of the biggest blockbusters in mobile gaming history.
**GAME ALERT** Play Pogo Games on your Android device now – for FREE! Join millions of Pogo players and enjoy free puzzle, word, and card games like Poppit!™, Word Whomp™, Turbo21™, and Sweet Tooth 2™. **

Slide, rotate, and drop your Tetriminos into place with touchscreen ease.

Clear lines fast in Marathon Mode or keep it fresh with the new Magic Mode featuring 5 Power-Ups -- Wrecking Ball, Minimizer, Bubble Wrap, Magic Crayon and Smashdown.

Know and improve your high score. The more you play, the better you get!

Listen to a catchy remix of the famous TETRIS tune during breaks.

Download Link

Cut the Rope 1.4 APK

Cut the Rope 1.4 APK
Cut the Rope v1.4 APK (Addfree)
Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: The long-awaited hit game has finally arrived at Android! Join MORE THAN 40 MILLION PEOPLE who have already played this game and gave it an average rating of 4,81 (out of 5)!

The little monster Om Nom is hungry and the only thing standing between him and a full belly is you – that is your help cutting the ropes that hold the candy he wants. Swipe your finger across the ropes to release the delicious bundles into his mouth. But don’t forget to collect the stars and break the bubbles along the way – easier said than done when enemies and obstacles await!

Cut the Rope is an award-winning mobile game from ZeptoLab, was an instant phenomenon in the iOS App Store reaching the #1 spot globally, and continues to gain popularity as it makes its way onto Android.

What's in this version:
New DJ Box with 25 levels featuring spinning vinyl records
New leaderboard and achievements
Various optimizations and improvements

Download Link

Traffic Statistics 7.7 APK

Traffic Statistics 7.7 APK
Traffic Statistics v7.7 APK
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Traffic Statistics is the simplest traffic statistical tools that can Stat. 2g/3g network traffic、wifi traffic exactly.

Traffic Statistics is the simplest traffic statistical tools that can Stat. 2g/3g network traffic, wifi traffic exactly.

Main features: 
1. set traffic alarm value
2. Set the month-end
3. Correct traffic
4. Set update the time and traffic display units
The simplest, most useful traffic statistical tools, statistical precision, real-time update the display data 。

Why choose Traffic Statistics? Here are the reasons:
1: The interface is concise, clear. You can clearly know your traffic info with just one second.
2: Statistics are very accurate, even if you completely shut down the software is also can accurate statistics which other traffic statistics can not.

Download Link

Better Cracked Screen 2.1.9 APK

Better Cracked Screen 2.1.9 APK
Better Cracked Screen v2.1.9 
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Better Crack, better prank, better fun.

Better Crack, better prank, better fun.
Why better prank?
Because prank keeps running, even when You press BACK button, or HOME button... Prank is still ready!! You are sure Your joke will not fail!!
Even in touch mode there is a delay, so Your friends will be surprised after few touches!! Perfect prank!
Multi-mode, multi-crack!! Enjoy!!
Overridden BACK and HOME button - more realistic, when BACK button doesn't work.
Close App by shaking Your phone!

Download Link

Missed It! 3.1.2 APK

Missed It! 3.1.2 APK
Missed It! v3.1.2 APK
Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
Overview: Get notified about almost any event!

Get information about the number of missed calls, unread SMS, unread Gmail messages and notifications from virtually any application a glance with this simple yet very customizable widget. You can use it with any lockscreen replacement app to access all this information without need to unlock your phone.

Missed It! must be enabled as an Accessibility Service to be able to receive application notifications ('Settings » Accessibility » Accessibility services'). If enabled and application notifications not detected, try disabling and then re-enabling.

* It currently reports number of missed calls, unread SMS and unread email messages of any phone's Gmail account.
* Also reports notifications from any application that uses the notification bar to report events (including WhatsApp, Tweetdeck, e-mail clients, etc).
* Customization of font and background color and transparency. Also font faces (can use fonts stored in external SD card) and styles (bold, italic, underline).
* Customization of the layout (alignments, padding, etc).
* Text messages can be customized to show whatever phrase you want.
* Represent numbers as text.
* Multiple widget sizes. User can select which sizes appears in widget list.

Currently localized to:
* Czech
* German
* Italian
* Portuguese (Brazil)
* Spanish
* Swedish

What's in this version:
Option to select how to handle application notifications that are reporting multiple events in the same notification: as single event, count all events or use as new counter value. If an app is reporting wrong number of notifications, try changing this value.
Fixed: Tapping on Facebook notifications opened the Facebook camera instead of the main app. You will need to remove and then add again Facebook to Monitored Elements.
Added Italian translation.

Download Link

ElectroDroid [Donate] 2.6 APK

ElectroDroid [Donate] 2.6 APK
ElectroDroid [Donate] v2.6 APK
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Powerful collection of electronics tools and reference. A must for any enthusiast
This is the Ad-free version of ElectroDroid

ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and reference; it includes:
• Resistor color code decoder (3-6 bands, with inverse look-up);
• Inductor color code decoder;
• Ohm’s law calculator;
• Reactance calculator;
• Voltage divider;
• Resistor ratio, value/series/parallel;
• Capacitor charge calculation;
• Operational amplifier;
• LED resistor calculator;
• LM317 calculator;
• Heat dissipation;
• Battery Life calculator;
• Inductor design tool;
• Voltage Drop calculator;
• PCB Trace Width calculator;
• Simple Filters calculator;
• NE555 astable calculator;
• Port pin-out (USB, Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, SCART, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, VGA, FireWire, Jack, XLR, RCA, DMX, ATX, Molex, EIDE, SATA);
• Resources (Resistivity table; Table of standard resistors and capacitors; Capacitor marking codes; AWG and SWG Wire size; Ampacity Table; Symbols and Abbreviations; Circuit Schematic Symbols; SI Units prefixes; Battery info; Boolean logic gate and algebra Theorems; 7400 info and pinout; ASCII code);
• Full support for EIA resistor series for all caluculators;
...and more to come!

What's in this version:
• Differential Amplifier;
• LM317 current calculator;
• NE555 monostable mode;
• Resonance calucator;
• 3oz in pcb trace calculator;
• New resources: radio frequency;
• New translation: Romanian;
• bugs fix;

Download Link

GO Launcher EX 2.87 Final Update APK

GO Launcher EX 2.87 Final Update APK
GO Launcher EX v2.87 Final Update APK
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: GO Launcher EX is the extended version of GO Launcher, one of the most popular home apps in Android Market. It’s a highly customizable home replacement application, which will run when you press your android phone’s HOME key. GO Launcher EX supports hundreds of themes, fast flip speed and tons of useful functions.

- Hundreds of themes
- Fancy home screen transition
- Smooth scrolling experience
- Icon popup menu
- Folder and task manager in app drawer
- Gesture supported
- Scrollable & resizable widgets supported

1. Pinch fingers to enter preview screen and edit home screen pages
2. Search “go launcher theme” to get themes and select them in “Themes preferences”
3. Set screen transition and flip speed in “Display settings”
4. Long press icons on home screen to active popup menu
5. Long press icons in app drawer to edit location, uninstall apps and create folders
6. If you can't set GO Launcher as your default home, download "Home manager"

1. This is a totally free application and we need directly call phone numbers permission to enable the direct dial shortcut on home screen.
2. We will bring out some charged apps like themes and widgets, but most of our apps are free!
3. The weather and clock widget in screenshots belongs to GO Weather, one of the applications developed by our team!
4. The other widgets in screenshots are our GOwidgets, try to search and download them in Android Market!
5. Download our “Classic Theme GO Launcher EX” to get the wallpaper!
6. GO Dev team has released GO Launcher EX, GO SMS, GO Weather and GO Contacts. More and more applications are coming soon!

Recent changes:
1. (New) More convenient interface of adding apps
We use a list for adding something into the home screens before. But now, it has a brand new interface! Not only adding apps and widgets, you can also change wallpaper, theme and locker in the operation area.
2. (New) New app drawer UI design and operation
The second thing you need to pay attention to is our new app drawer! We have changed the three tabs, optimized the method of moving apps to home screen, rewrote the UI of ‘recent’ tab and ‘running’ tab.
3. (Improve) App manage supports distinguish phone memory/SD card apps
A little improvement of the app manager.
4. (Improve) Initial interface and default icons on first install
We redesigned the initial interface, you have to reset GO Launcher to see the new design.
5. (Improve) Enhance fluency of sliding home screen
The biggest point I need your help to test the beta version. Tell me that, is GO Launcher smoother than before when sliding home screen?
6. (Fix) Several problems of new folder.

Download Link

CalenGoo 1.0.72 APK

CalenGoo 1.0.72 APK
CalenGoo v1.0.72 APK
Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: CalenGoo is a calendar app that can sync with Android calendar and Google Calendar.

It is designed to make it easier and faster to work with your calendar on your phone. Five different calendar views (day, week, month, agenda, landscape day) give you a good overview over your upcoming events. To make rescheduling events easy, they can be moved or copied via drag&drop in the day, week, month and landscape day view.

Additional features:
- Drag&Drop support to move, copy, open and delete events
- Widgets to see your events on your home screen without opening the app: day widget (4x1), month widget (4x3, 4x4) and agenda widget (2x2, 2x3, 4x3). In the month 4x4 widget you can tap a single day to directly open it.
- Zoomable month view
- Configurable startup view (day, view, month, agenda)
- When adding recurring events you can use the same rules that you can use in Google Calendar, e.g. you can create events "on Monday and Thursday every two weeks" or "every last Friday in a month".
- Direct sync with Google Calendar option e.g. to download all historical data and to be able to assign icons to events
- Improved date picker that displays a whole month to choose a date
- Search function
- Customizable hardware buttons (e.g. you can assign the "Today" function to the "back" button)
- Sync with Google Tasks
- Many configuration options to change the way the app looks and works.
- Repeatable, snooze-able reminders using a custom sound (e.g. an MP3 file from your phone) or one of the built-in sounds.

What's in this version:
Using the blue button under "Settings", "Visibility/Download", reminders for all events of a calendar (e.g. for birthdays) can be set
Events can be shared via 2D barcodes ("Settings", "Display and Use", "Detail view", "Use 2D QR codes to share events")
New configuration options, e.g. to sort the tasks in the tasks widget
Bug fixes

Download Link

Best Apps Market 1.8.0 APK

Best Apps Market 1.8.0 APK
Best Apps Market v1.8.0
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Install the best alternative to the Android Market. It's the best discovery tool in the Market, including personalized recommendations based on app you have installed. BAM is the fast Android Market focused on FREE Apps! Top Apps, Top Games & more!

The Best Market App. Focused on FREE Top Apps & Top Games, hand picked by experts. Experts categorize apps & tag with traits, so you get a better Search, easy filtering & great recommendations. It’s like Pandora for apps plus all the tools you need to manage your apps. Optimized for speed: Fast to open, fast to browse & fast to search, no clutter!

• Critical Apps
• Optimize Your Phone
• Organize Your Life Apps
• Save Money Apps

...Many More

• Best. Games. EVER.
• Action & Adventure
• Classic Arcades
• Multi Player at Once
• Strategic Simulation

...Many More
• Search & discover new apps
• We check for compatibility with your phone & only show usable apps
• Filter by categories, paid/free, ratings & installs. Combine filters to explore the best apps in the market. Try "not so popular" & "just in" filters to discover apps with potential but are the best new apps to the Market

• See trending up app & games installed by the community
• See Community added pros/cons, comments & thumbs up/down in real-time
• Rate apps with our unique Pros & Cons system. Share with the community "Reasons to Install" & "Reasons NOT to Install”
• No sign-up required, but pick a nickname to be recognized

5) APPS FOR YOU: Personal app recommendations based on your installed apps
• See new apps to install every day with reasons why based on your current apps
• Reasons include better ratings, more popular, etc.

• Easily access apps you Favorite here
• Apps add to Wishlist are here to go install. To add apps to your wish list (tap on the star in the detail page)

7) MY APPS: All your installed apps
• Apps Manager: See apps that are movable to sd card. Move apps2SD / Move apps to the phone
• Quick Uninstaller: Uninstall apps with 1 click
• Share/Send with friends or post on Facebook, Twitter, Email
• Sort by installation date, sd-card availability, size & name

8) APPS OF THE DAY - Daily suggestions
• Editors' choice are 1/week & you get notifications

• Last Installed Apps Launcher Widget: recently installed apps, no need to search for the apps
• Apps of the Day Launcher Widget: new apps of the day today
• NOTE: BAM must be on phone for the widgets to work, not on SD. Move & restart phone

Download Link


Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Not at home? No problem. With DIRECTV you can easily set a show or movie to record on your home DVR from your Android phone. Download and start exploring today! It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s free. Compliments of DIRECTV!

Available for customers in the USA only.

- Search for any television show up to 14 days in advance.
- Browse programs by channel or date & time.
- View show descriptions, Cast & Crew, Photos, Suggestions & Parental Information.
- Record shows by a single episode or entire series to any DIRECTV DVR in your home.
- Add additional time to the start and end of a recording request or select to manually record a channel for a specific amount of time.
- Browse movies on DIRECTV based on categories.
- Set recordings for DIRECTV Cinema movies to watch any time. Order movies and events without your receiver connected to a phone line.
- Browse thousands of On Demand titles and set a recording.
- Share what you are watching to Facebook/Twitter.
- Quickly get info and set recordings from friends' DIRECTV postings in Facebook & Twitter.
- View expanded parental info provided by Common Sense Media.
- QR Code Scanner, scan program related barcodes found in DIRECTV advertisements to quickly get more info and set recordings.
- Account management link
- Mobile Answer center link for FAQs

- Browsing functionality is available to everyone.
- Recording functionality is available to DIRECTV customers with a DVR only.

- DIRECTV customers must have a residential home account registered on the DIRECTV website to access recording functionality.
- Requires a Wi-Fi, Edge or 3G network connection to run. Remote connections may vary.
- In rare instances, scheduled recording(s) may not be recognized.
- Available for customers in the USA only
- Remote scheduling requires DIRECTV PLUS DVR (models R15, R16, R22), DIRECTV PLUS HD DVR (models HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24) or TiVo® Series 2 receivers with 6.4a software. Receivers do not require phone or broadband Internet connection to schedule a recording.
- On Demand scheduling requires DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR (model HR20 or later or R22) connected to a broadband Internet connection.

Recent changes:
Now DIRECTV goes anywhere you go. Get instant access to hit entertainment from HBO®, Cinemax®, Starz®, and Encore®, plus the latest DIRECTV CINEMA movies and more, whenever and wherever you want-at home or on the go. Go to the “Watch on Phone” tab located on your home screen and select “Movies”, “TV Shows” or “Networks” to start watching now.
Discover the top shows and movies that people are currently talking about.

Download Link